Fine dining

If the mere sight of Garage Italia’s architectural sleekness doesn’t make your heart race as fast as its four-wheeled creations, surely it will be love at first bite.

Eclectic. Contemporary. Italian. Garage Italia’s creative masters are joined by another virtuous of its own industry. Insigned of a prestigious Michelin Star, gifted Chef Andrea Ribaldone has taken over the kitchens of Garage Italia Milano, in the pursuit of a fresh and modern reinterpretation of the true gastronomic values of our land. Simple yet distinctive, the new line of cuisine is conceived through the exaltation of traditional recipes through a contemporary lens. Behind the scenes the team is led by young and dynamic chef Charles Pearce, who’s passion will drive you through a surprising yet tasteful journey.

Info & Booking

Phone: +39 02 22220307

Mobile: +39 340 0678819