500 Spiaggina
  • Full Electric
  • Starting from € 61.000 excl. VAT
ICON-E CELEBRATES CAR CULTURE BY GIVIN A SECOND LIFE TO THE GREATEST CARS OF THE PAST.500 Jolly Icon-e is available in all colors from the Garage Italia Customs' range, proudly made in collaboration with R-M.Garage Italia identifies and selects the models that have marked the history of the automotive, updating them with contemporary details and electric conversion.
With Icon-e, the restomod becomes ecological through re-use and upcycling, central themes of the project. The cars are then tested and homologated for a regular road use. The cars made by Garage Italia are the perfect mix between past and present. Timeless style and new technologies, integrated in a functional but discreet way.
Vintage look, modern details.
The features


The instrument cluster is now fully digital with a 5-inch screen and custom graphic interface. The seats are made entirely by hand by weaving a natural rope with outdoor characteristics, selected from materials research by Baolab Studio. The tires fitted are part of the Classic range by Michelin, Garage Italia’s partner in the Icon-e project.


The i.c. engine has been replaced by an electric power unit developed in collaboration with Newtron Group, flanged directly onto a differential gearbox connected to the wheels. In place of the gearshift there is a push-button selector positioned in the tunnel, through which you can also select the pace of the car (hare/turtle).


The car is rechargeable through a type 2 socket installed under the front grille with the emblem of the car. Depending on the recharging mode (domestic socket or electric column) the batteries can be fully recharged between 4 and 8 hours.

Tech sheet

Electric Powered by Newtron
Engine type
Brushless Asynchronous three-phase
Power (hp/rpm)
3,5 - 20 / 4000
Torque (kgm/rpm)
2,8 - 4 / 800
Lithium - LiFePO4
Capacity (kw/h)
Autonomy (km)
Made in collaboration with R-M


Made in collaboration with R-M