Experimental design

Driving adventure: the new Garage Italia scorched earth design makes the cut on 5 exclusive new Mercedes SUVs.

Introducing the Terra Arsa limited edition on the Mercedes GLA, GLC, Classe G, GLE and GLE Coupé. And it’s a wrap. Set against the backdrop of many a Spaghetti Western, Garage Italia launched a groundbreaking collaboration with Mercedes with a one-off new livery design. Drawing afine line between sophisticated elegance and brute force, the made-to-measure Terra Arsa personalization enriches 5 of the star-brand’s most powerful 4matic SUV models with a unique aesthetic. Precision crafted by Garage Italia using state of the art car wrapping techniques, the satin finish body with texture-enhanced black crack overlay is available in a range of tones, including burnished metallic bronze or gold and uber-sleek anthracite. Always at the forefront of experimental design and the production of unconventional creativity, this Garage Italia X Mercedes miniseries defines both brand’s continual quest for innovation that drives pleasure.