eclectic versatility

eComm goes custom – the Renault Captur goes 001-100 in exclusive Garage Italia style.

Transforming the eclectic versatility of this original Made for the City SUV, Garage Italia gives an exclusive edition of the Renault Captur cult identity: the Captur Tokyo Edition. Inspired by Tokyo’s unique combination of symbolic tradition and hi-tech innovation, the custom Be-Style Tokyo colorway and exclusive social media sales stream define both the car’s look and its hot new technological concept from the land of the rising sun: 001-100 with eComm. Available for purchase exclusively on Instagram or Facebook, this extra-limited edition features an eye-catching pearlescent white body with a red roof and side mirror caps enriched with the “Kumo” pattern. These red accents carry through on the removable Zip-upholstery covers of the interior, for a superlatively functional take on contemporary custom design.