Assembled by hand

— Inspired by the iconography of cars

A selection of design objects, with Garage Italia’s personality and made by Cassina Contract, a very reliable partner, especially when designing means experimenting.

The 298 chair combines high technology and craftsmanship and is customised according to a design by the Style Centre of Garage Italia with a Cassina black frame and graphics inspired by sports car liveries. The chairs were built in Cassina's carpentry shop, where they were made, finished and assembled by hand. There are also Ferrari Daytona chairs: a ready-made armchair using one of the Prancing Horse’s most iconic driver's seats, housed in a metallic tube frame inspired by race car roll bars. The Ferrari 599 seats have become armchairs, while the large sofa features two-tone leather upholstery and USB sockets hidden in the armrests. Cassina's Contract Division specialises in managing projects in many sectors, and over the years has developed specific skills in the world of hospitality and retail. Its name is associated with some of the iconic hotels of the 20th century and the most prestigious boutiques. It has provided them with turnkey solutions and services ranging from design to technical assistance, from production and logistics up to installation.