dynamic visual synthesis

— Plug-into the future, and let it shine.

Celebrating 50 years of BMW in Italy and the dawn of a new era in sustainable automotive design, Garage Italia makes sure the new i8 hybrid is all set to light the way.

Honoring this revolutionary new BMW series with a dynamic visual synthesis, Garage Italia designed a one-off wrap to highlight the key concepts behind the BMW i philosophy: It’s all about the power that drives our world. Inspired by the painting “Street Light” (1909) by Giacomo Balla, this custom wrap links the advent of electric streetlights in Milan and Futurist vision of the car as a symbol of progress to BMW’s revolutionary offer of electric energy solutions on sporty new shapes. Illuminating the wrapped bodywork with arrow-like symbols of speed, color and light, the vibrant exterior is echoed by the iridescent texture of the tailor-made Solaro upholstery, for a scintillating experience of new world energy.