Endless creativity

Garage Italia is all about Icon-e: the new project that is bringing back iconic car spirit, projecting them into the future through electrical redevelopment.

The project reflects the new attitude of the Milan hub towards the car and celebrates the car culture by giving new life to the great cars of the past. Endless creativity from Garage Italia, a hub which lives the present, conscious of global trends, respectful of tradition but determined to reconcile the desires of the new generations with modern needs. With Icon-e, the restomod phenomenon becomes eco-friendly too, through re-use and upcycling, both central to the project. The cars created by Garage Italia are the perfect blend of past and present, combining timeless style with new technologies, integrated in a functional but discreet way. The first drop in the series is the Fiat 500 Jolly Icon-e, a project developed entirely by Garage Italia to guarantee the high style and reliability standards that distinguish the brand. With the roof and the door sections removed, the torsional rigidity of the car is maintained by the insertion of a safety cell. The instrument panel becomes completely digital with a 5-inch screen and a custom graphic interface. The seats are made entirely by hand, in woven natural rope for outdoor style, developed based on material research conducted by the Baolab studio. The tyres fitted are selected from the Vintage line by Michelin, Garage Italia's partner on the Icon-e project. The combustion engine is replaced with an electric engine developed in collaboration with the Newtron Group, flanged directly to the original gearbox. The iconic Jolly Icon-e is only the first drop for this project, to be followed by other seasonal releases that Garage Italia is currently developing.