space-age design

— A new order is here – the Garage Italia FIAT 500 Star Wars Edition

Three stellar appearances, one epic saga – the Garage Italia FIAT 500 Star Wars series is on a mission.

Leading the way, the original 500E Stormtrooper and its new 12 car wrap-kit edition continue their custom-craft invasion as Garage Italia and FIAT   launch two new intergalactic stars: the BB-8 and R2-D2. And once again, Garage Italia sets a trail-blazing standard for the custom industry - from the First Order to damage control, everything on these Special Edition cars is tailor-made and state of the art.    Defined by its space-age design and a high-contrast palette, the 500E Stormtrooper takes you deep into the galaxy before you’ve even put foot in the car. Modeled on the helmet of the First Order Legion, the distinctive tinted “black visor” film on the windshield and side windows and strictly Black & White color scheme of the livery is replicated on the premium Foglizzo leather, Alcantara and lacquered plastic interiors with contrast piping and stitching for a high-definition finish, while all Fiat emblems have been replaced by customized First Order insignia, which is also hand embroidered on the steering wheel and headrests and painted on the wheel rims of the Pirelli limited edition white sidewall tyres. Following in the ‘trooper’s wake, the new BB-8 and R2-D2 drone cars feature custom "damaged armor". Colored using hi-tech aerography and embossed 3D matt finishing, micro-perforated “one-way” film coatings allow one to see through the paintwork, so the livery of the BB-8 appears to cover the windows, while the R2-D2 flaunts 100% blackout "one-way" film over the panoramic roof. And just like the lead Stormtrooper, both cars’ premium Foglizzo leather and Alcantara interiors are personalized in their distinctive white-gray-orange and white/blue color-ways, with contrast stitching and embroidered Star Wars logos on the headrests, passenger side panels and steering wheels. Plus there is the one of a kind finish of the leather dashboard: completely airbrushed by hand with the "damage" effect of the external bodywork to make the futuristic look & feel of the drive experience all but real: Are you ready for take-off?