hand-painted masterpiece

— Aged to perfection

As unique as a work of art, this one-of-one custom commission honors the inimitable identity of both the Flying Spur and its owner with immaculately crafted creativity.

Matching the pioneering prestige of Bentley with an aesthetic revamp that exceeds all expectations, Garage Italia developed an ad hoc new cracklé reticulated paint effect in striking tone of petroleum blue. Painstakingly applied to the bodywork by GI craftsmen, this innovative finish transforms a symbol of exhilarating power into a hand-painted masterpiece that reflects the essence of time-tested success. And as with any work of art, the interior is always as beautiful as the exterior. Personalized with the softest Nabuk leather and premium herring-bone cashmere, the impeccable luxury trims of the cabin makes it worthy of most discerning collector.