turbo legend

Reconfigured as a sporty two-seater, this custom Abarth 595 is always up for a challenge – and whether it’s in for a race or a ride, it makes sure the owner’s unique style gets there first.

Created for a private client who takes driving style seriously, this complex custom project offers a playful combo of personalized refinement and performance design, to make this revamped turbo legend one of a kind. Trademarked by the alchemists of color – BASF RM – and meticulously handcrafted in-house by the GI team, the road-up gradient paintwork transitions from signature Azzurro Lapo to gray to create a dynamic, yet sophisticated effect. To finish, the Garage Italia logo on the wheel rims and calipers adds a subtle tailor-made detail, while the roll bar and interiors are entirely covered in matching two-tone Alcantara® for a total take on experiential design.