Panda 4x4
    Bringing back to life the models that made the history of the automotive industry with innovative details. Icon-e is the perfect match between past and present. Timeless style and new technologies seamlessly integrated.
    PANDA 4X4
    Sartoriality and technology come together to celebrate the four-wheel drive city car born from the genius of Giorgetto Giugiaro which has become an icon of Italian design over the years.


      INTERIORS Plus
      The choice of materials and fabrics combines tradition and innovation, technology and craftsmanship, resulting in configurations that guarantee maximum comfort inside the passenger compartment and able to meet every customer’s customisation demand.
      PAINTING Plus
      Bespoke colors are developed in collaboration with R-M Paint, main partner of car manufacturers all over the world. Together with R-M, we develop the most innovative paint solutions, offering increasingly efficient and eco-friendly technology.
      The cars feature a bespoke sound system with four speakers installed inside the cabin and a subwoofer in the rear compartment to ensure a unique sound offer and an even more immersive driving experience.