10 Valentine's Day campaigns that will make you fall in love

The week of love infects everyone without exception, even the automotive industry is not exempt. Advertising campaigns therefore become the key tool for companies in the industry who use the occasion to give free rein to their imagination. In this article we explore the most significant case studies analysing what car manufacturers come up with to capture the attention of consumers with a message of love.
Alfa Romeo celebrates love by recalling the most famous couple in history. Juliet's house in Verona becomes the setting for this advertisement. Juliet looks out onto the balcony and, waiting for her, finds an (Alfa) Romeo Brera. You get the picture, right? Giulietta and Romeo, Alfa Romeo! When will the one with Giulietta who, looking out, finds a Giulietta under her house? We don't know, but we hope very soon.
"Lovers Wanted!" is the title of the Nissan campaign featuring the Micra. The two cars, in red and blue, combine their lights to form a heart. The advertisement made by TBWA Istanbul in 2004 makes simplicity its strong point. After all, love is made up of small gestures.
Does true love exist? For Volkswagen it does, and the Golf R is the example. The campaign, quite prominently quoting the world's most famous love couple, the sweethearts of Raymond Peynet, a well-known 20th century French cartoonist. There are all the elements of those iconic cartoons such as the bench, the park, the trees and a singular couple with an exceptional partner: the Golf R Line.
Volvo rightfully joins the list with a campaign that features the XC60, but focuses on the message of love. The claim is there in the foreground, in caps lock, almost shouted: INTEGRAL ATTRACTION, for a car that makes AWD its main strong point. One of those simple and somewhat banal puns, as the tiger from Cremona would say, but one that strikes straight to the heart like a dart shot by Cupid and sticks in your brain.
Whether two or four wheels move your love BMW can please everyone. The clear background of the advertisement features two helmets in shades of red and black complemented by greetings from the German manufacturer. So grab your better half and set off on a journey of the most beautiful feeling of all. But remember: 'Helmet securely fastened on your head, lights on even during the day, and caution, always!
"Whoever you love. Happy Valentine's Day from New Beetle" In this 2007 Volkswagen campaign, we see the iconic Beetle under the stars. Peering inside the car, the feature that stands out is the closeness between the two front seats, almost as if the passenger is leaning against the shoulder of the driver's seat. The romantic scenery of the advertisement invites everyone to indulge in an intimate moment with their partner, to put the roof down and enjoy the spectacle of nature.
Kia shows the versatility of its Sorento by taking it to the mountains. The 7-seater all-wheel-drive SUV traces a heart on the snowy landscape in the background. In a nutshell, they want to tell us that the Sorento, although its name recalls a well-known location on the Amalfi coast, is the perfect option for mountain lovers. Can it be trusted?
Toyota is betting everything on the Rav4 for this day. The blue background features the Japanese SUV in different positions for the 'New Positions' campaign. The ironic tone of the advertisement invites you to experience the various possibilities of the spacious Rav4 cabin with your partner. Rav4 owners let us know, we are curious.
The 500 is the perfect car for two people... but also for four. The all-Italian campaign dedicated to the car focuses on love generating new life. Fiat's three-door is a great option for those who want a compact yet roomy car. There is even room for a pushchair in the back!
Last but not least, we close with a Mercedes campaign in the name of speed. The rear of the AMG GT is the absolute star, along with rose petals floating in the wind. The message is clear: whether or not you have company this Valentine's Day, we assure you that you will have a great day with a car like this.
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