A look at the garage of Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the Creator is one of America's most creatively interesting rappers: the mind behind Odd Future and Golf Wang is always ready to explore new horizons to expand his vision.
The release of "Call Me If You Get Lost" opened the doors of  Tyler, The Creator's Garage. If it is true that "In California you spend most of your life in cars." what cars does he spend his life in?
Let's start right away with a BMW 315 (E30): the car is one of the rapper's first picks. The light blue coupe version was recently joined by an E30 in cream tones. Perfect match with Frank Ocean's E30.
"Boy that's McLaren, that's zero to sixty in two-point-nine, I'm gone." Tyler, The Creator is a big McClaren fan and can count no less than 3 cars from the British manufacturer in his garage. The first ever was a white MP4-12C with an "Odd Future" sticker on the fuel door. This was followed by a gray 675LT with an orange interior and a second MP4-12C also featured on the cover of "Flower Boy."
Rolls-Royce has always been a symbol of extreme luxury. So, you gotta have one! Tyler owns a Cullinan that adds 500 horsepower of true elegance to the collection. Next to the Cullinan we find what looks like a Phantom II from the 1930s, but we can’t be 100% sure since we found only one photo of it.
The Geneva-bound journey mentioned in the album it’s all about the Made in Italy cars. In the "Side street" video announcing the release of his latest album, Tyler is driving a stunning pink Fiat 131 Abarth. The light blue body of the Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione matches the white rally wheels for the video of "WUSYANAME."
Returning from a longer-than-expected studio session Tyler hit a parked car, destroying his Model X. Shortly afterward, the rapper thanked Elon Musk for the amount of airbags.
Whether it is music, fashion or automobiles Tyler, The Creator is always ready to push it to the limit. In his million-plus car fleet there will always be room for a new car, and who knows, maybe it will be another classic of Made in Italy.
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