An arancin* in Milan

We do not want to settle a diatribe that has lasted since the dawn of time: we are not here to define once and for all the gender of the name denoting the Sicilian speciality based on tomato rice (and related variants) that divides the island and its inhabitants in two. Arancina, round in shape, is the name widespread in the western part, while arancino, round or pointed (a shape derived from the figure of Mount Etna) is in common use in the eastern part. After years of elucubration, we have painstakingly come to the conclusion that the Sicilian rice croquette owes its name to the analogy with the round, golden fruit of the orange, so it would be correct to call it by its feminine name: arancina.
In order not to displease anyone (or even to please lol), ARANCIN* is one of the special colors of the Summer collection inspired by the rice croquette that has become a symbol of world-famous Sicilian street food.A color designed and produced as always in collaboration with R-M Paint, lively and 'crunchy' like the wrapping of the rice ball, which gives the bodywork of the bright and golden hues in the sunshine hours, more subdued and delicate at sunset.And this is just one of the endless color combinations that can you can have on Spiaggina. Have you taken a look at the ready-to-deliver cars on our Marketplace? Click here.
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