Announcing Maserati FuoriSerie

We are about to witness the creation of new, completely original Maserati cars. The Brand creates its future by looking to the past, when every one of its hand-built, individual, unique cars was a one-off, a “fuoriserie”. This is the genetic make-up of the new FUORISERIE programme, which introduces distinctive, innovative contents, the expression of an individual, unique lifestyle.FUORISERIE aims to be the blank sheet of paper on which customers can write their own stories, the means of setting free their creativity and making their wishes come true.
Unique and daring combinations will be possible on the basis of three collections that represent the Maserati brand values.It will be possible to customise every Maserati to the taste of its purchaser, who will be offered the chance to immerse themselves in a unique experience in the new FUORISERIE “Car Tailoring” shop, a new space to be created at the Modena headquarters. Customers will thus be able to style their own individual Maserati cars, with a personal designer at their service to customise the interior and exterior of their bespoke car.
Three collections to express the Maserati BrandTo help customers to find their way around the thousands of possible combinations, we have created three basic collections as starting-points, Corse, Unica and Futura are the three clusters that express the brand’s power and represent its values, uniting sportiness with elegance and innovation.
Three Maserati Trofeo cars – a Ghibli, a Quattroporte and a Levante – have been prepared to represent and identify the three collections, and set out the manifesto of the FUORISERIE® programme, with a tangible example of the Brand’s customisation potentials. These cars express their Italian DNA, which symbolises the Brand’s creativity, its fine workmanship and its origins, through the Italian flag, which appears with sophistication and discretion in their interiors. The three cars are the exquisite outcome of the joint creativity of the Centro Stile Maserati and Garage Italia.
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