AR Livery Machine 959 w/ Type 7 is online!

Livery Machine 959 w/ Type 7, the instagram filter created by Garage Italia in collaboration with Type 7, the instagram magazine of the Porsche universe, is now online.The IG profile, named after a 911 prototype called Type 754, is now a real must-follow for all fans of the Stuttgart car manufacturer.
With Livery Machine 959 we bring to you one of the most representative Porsche, produced in 1986 in an exclusive series of 292 units (based on 911) and out of production only two years after its launch. The Porsche 959 is among the cars that have made sports car enthusiasts dream the most and the first supercar in the world to use a 6-speed gearbox.What we are launching today is a challenge to create the best livery. Imagine being car customizers for a day and having to make the perfect outfit for this incredible car.
For once, put all your reserves aside and let your imagination run wild. The 959’s livery is like a white sheet ready to be colored. How? Open the instagram filter and frame your surroundings. Depending on what appears in your lens, the car will always take on a different livery. The only rule is that there are no rules: sand, sea, road, land or your favourite swimsuit are ready to become part of the 959’s livery.All you have to do is save the filter directly from our stories, or from the Type 7 filter tab and send it to all your friends to challenge you with crazy liveries.Tag @garageitalia and @type7 in your stories, we’ll reposition the best ones!TAP TO START
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