AR Sunset Overdrive w/ Type 7 is online!

Sunset Overdrive, the instagram filter created by Garage Italia in collaboration with Type 7, the Instagram daily magazine of the Porsche universe, is now online.The profile, named after a 911 prototype called Type 754, is now a real must-follow for all fans of the Stuttgart car manufacturer.
Now, which one of you has ever driven a Porsche? Don’t worry, you can make up the time. Sunset Overdrive will propel you behind the wheel of the iconic Porsche 959, in a wild race where you’ll have to avoid the other 356 that will do anything to slow you down. Does it sound easy? It’s not, because the more points you score, the faster you go.All you have to do is save the filter directly from our stories, or from the Type 7 filter tab.A word of advice: use your head! No, don’t misunderstand, in this case it won’t be necessary to be careful, you just have to move your head to avoid the other cars on the track and get the highest score. Test your skills behind the wheel and challenge your friends!Tag @garageitalia and @type7 in your stories, we will repost the best ones!TAP TO START
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