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A$AP Rocky and Mercedes are on the same page

Music, fashion, cars and video games: A$AP Rocky has done it all. The rapper who grew up in New York's tough Harlem district has a special bond with Mercedes. The German automaker, a symbol of style and elegance, has embraced Rocky's admiration and made him the star of several collaborations.It all starts in 2017. "Get A Job", the Mercedes commercial featuring A$AP Rocky and life in the Harlem neighbourhood. Scenes tracing his childhood are interspersed with footage of New York. Under the lights of the Big Apple A$AP Rocky is seen in a stunning Mercedes CLA coupe, a perfect match with the unmistakable elegance of the rapper who wears a suit for the occasion. Six years have passed since that video and today the chemistry between the two parties is stronger than ever.
In May 2022, with his agency AWGE, Rocky announced his latest partnership with Mercedes. Amidst sweatshirts, work trousers and camping chairs ready for longer journeys, stealing the show is a fantastic Mercedes F200 Imagination. Famous for its unique driving system, the Mercedes F200 Imagination has made history for Mercedes. It made its debut at the 1996 Paris Motor Show to incredible success.
A true testament to Mercedes' cutting-edge technology, the F200 Imagination features numerous on-board sensors and electronically operated 'Drive-By-Wire' controls. The car would be used two years later to inspire the design of the S-Class.
Need For Speed: Unbound debuts in late November 2022. Among the spectacular fleet of cars that EA makes available to players to steal the show is a distinctive Mercedes E190 signed, of course, by A$AP Rocky. Ryan Stewart is entrusted with the realization of the same car. The car has a sporty stance, emphasized by its domed wings and exposed rear end that reveals the E190's exhaust system. The black and white that dress both sides of the car feature the inscriptions 'Always Strive And Prosper' and 'If Not Now Then When' at the front doors. Gold detailing and fog lamps in green complete the look.
The flagship car from NFS: Unbound is available not only on the video game but also in a streamlined 8-bit version for the mini-game on the ASAP Rocky website.  "Spinners spin, on the 20-twins that Mercedes-Benz" ASAP Rocky has always praised Mercedes but he would never imagined how strong this bond could have become.
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