Augmented Reality Panda 4X4 Icon-e

Few weeks ago we presented our 500 Jolly Icon-e in augmented reality, which you can access here in case you missed it.Not happy, we immediately set to work to develop the other protagonist of the Icon-e saga in augmented reality: your (and our) beloved Panda 4×4, for the occasion in the 00 Panda version, which you all know by now.
With AR technology you can add it to your virtual garage together with the Jolly and take it together with your fleet or next to your 4-wheeled companion. Look closely at every detail as if you were in our showroom and show it to friends who can access the experience in augmented reality directly from their smartphone.Thanks to the augmented reality, the car appears directly within the context in which you find yourself. Basically it will be like opening the camera of your phone and finding the Pandino Icon-e in front of you.If you have never seen one of our little electric climbers up close, this is the time!
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