COMMUNICATING CHRISTMAS: 5 ways automotive brands spoke to their fans

Christmas is back. The air of magic that surrounds this period infects every aspect of our lives. From homes to the streets, in December the whole world celebrates the most important event of the year. The automotive industry is not immune to the phenomenon: Christmas commercials are treasured by enthusiasts who, thanks to them, become children again, fully embracing the holiday spirit. It was 1956 when Cadillac released one of its most iconic advertisements. In the image we find a couple intent on celebrating Christmas in a new red vehicle with chrome trim. In addition to encapsulating the Christmas spirit, this advertisement is symbolic of Cadillac's success in the post-World War II period.
You know, thinking of the right gift is no small feat but fortunately Chevrolet is there to help. "A happy though for Dad's Christmas" is an advertisement from 1936 that shows all the technological innovation of the time. Wrapped and delivered with a card, Chevrolet components are definitely a great option for those who fully know their loved ones' passions.
Lotus wishes you a happy Driftmas. Delivering a Christmas tree on a 410-horsepower sleigh? It's possible with Lotus. For the 2018 Christmas commercial, the British manufacturer wishes you a happy "Driftmas" by opening the doors of the Hethel track. The Lotus car expresses itself in all its power on the straights of the track showing great grip even in the most difficult drifts.
Santa needs a new sleigh? No problem, Bentley is on it! To celebrate Christmas, Bentley is working on a Mulliner destined for a very special customer. The video shows the production process of the car that looks like it is destined for Santa Claus: Fine materials and Bentley's unmistakable class deliver a dreamy car that is sure to give an extra edge to the race to hand out presents.
Land Rover goes beyond Christmas. The magic of Christmas manages to make even those loved ones who are far away from us feel close. Land Rover with its commercial breaks down the barriers imposed by the roads. Aboard a red SUV, the family featured in the video challenges the most difficult paths to reconnect with loved ones and celebrate Christmas together.
Christmas is that holiday that really manages to bring everyone together. From the youngest to the oldest everyone is quivering to unwrap presents under the tree, and who knows, maybe this is the year to look out the window and see a new car ready to be driven.
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