Garage Italia X

Among the goals of Garage Italia Studio, the in-house creative agency of Garage Italia Customs, there is definitely to become a reference point not only for brands and companies that want to take care of their identity (creative consulting, on/off-line strategy, digital content production), but also a hub for creatives, artists and professionals in the digital world.
With the spread of Web3 the boundary between physical and digital is increasingly thin, hence the concept of Phygital. A constantly growing ecosystem that allows anyone to express their art and creativity thanks to the many opportunities offered by blockchain technology. Garage Italia takes this opportunity to add value to its projects, dealing with an audience passionate about NFT and Crypto that recognizes itself in its own automotive is an exclusive Made in Italy marketplace of digital artworks, one of the most promising Italian realities in the Web3 scenary. What struck us, particularly about NINFA is their ability to carefully select and curate the artists and the high quality of the artworks that are offered on their platform. The partnership aims to merge digital art and automotive culture by building a community of enthusiasts in the field. A new information channel dedicated to the Italian and international audience through which automotive digital artists will be able to get noticed and interact in an entirely dedicated space.
Within the Ninfa platform, Garage Italia will open its own Digital Gallery, thus creating an exhibition dedicated to the automotive world.
Digital works will soon be available on the Ninfa platform, in physical exhibitions and in-person events.
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