Back in time: Mercedes “Terra Arsa”

We are among the first supporters of car wrapping, this has surely never been a mystery: on the other hand, it is a very accessible option that offers endless possibilities to customize your car. That’s why even today film wrapping is still in great demand by individuals and companies.
Sometimes we also like to take a step back in time, going through the archives of Garage Italia to rediscover the projects of a few years ago that we like the most, like the Alfa Romeo La Furiosa and the 500e dedicated to Star Wars that you can go back and review in case you missed them. Today is the turn of one of the first projects of Garage Italia, it was 2015 when we launched “Terra Arsa”, the line of custom SUVs in collaboration with Mercedes.
Presented in the Almeria desert, with a test drive of the Mercedes SUV range, the idea behind the project is simple but of great impact, and the cars are really eye-catching.We wanted to recall the atmosphere that made Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns famous worldwide – set in this very desert – reinterpreting in our own way the five models that make up the range – from the G Class to the GLA Enduro, passing through GLC, GLE and GLE Coupé – with the nuances of the rocky walls and sandy soil of the Spanish desert. The color range ranges from dark anthracite to shades reminiscent of gold and bronze.
Our Style Center, directed by Carlo Borromeo, has created these special liveries with a special 3D effect, obtained by layering two different types of film: the first with a matt satin effect that allows you to perceive the different surfaces, and the second, also on the entire bodywork, an embossed black texture that reproduces the cracks in the ground caused by the heat of the sun. In short, not a simple color change.We don’t like simple things, you should know that well.
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