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A ride in pink corvette for the real world

Let's face it, staying unscathed by Barbie mania is becoming increasingly difficult.
We've tried, but the imminent theatrical release of Greta Gerwig's film starring the world's most famous doll is pretty much all over the place.
In the trailer Margot Robbie is often aboard the iconic Chevrolet Corvette, a model from the years 56-57, rebuilt with an electric motor, in the face of purists.In addition to the power supply, the bodywork also seems to be customised, which, with a candy pink hue, looks more toy-like than real car-like.
With her Chevrolet, Barbie will arrive at the edge of the Real World, where she will decide to go in search of her own role in the world and discover who she really is (all supposition, of course, at least until the official plot is released).
Accomplice Hollywood, accomplice the perfect Margot Robbie - Ryan Gosling combo, accomplice a pop and sexy communicative appeal, the Barbie wave has therefore also invested the automotive world.
In the UK, in fact, sales ads for the fifth-generation pink Chevrolet Corvette - Barbie's car in the film but also in toys - have garnered more than 12,000 web views in the past month, representing a 120% increase over the same period last year.
The interest in pink American convertibles is on the rise overall, with a 93% increase over
Interest in American pink convertibles is generally on the rise, with a 93% increase over the same period last year. Google searches for 'Barbie movie car' increased by 450% after the release of the official trailer.
While waiting for 20 July, the date of the film's release in Italy, you can still start getting into the mood by launching Forza Horizon 5, the latest chapter in Microsoft's open world racing video game series for Xbox and PC in which the same cars that Barbie and Ken use in the film are available. All players will be able to choose, in addition to the pink Chevrolet, Ken's more aggressive Hummer, both in 100% electric versions: in the former case under creative licence from the scriptwriters, while the GMC pickup is already on sale in its sustainable version in the US. Oops, maybe we shouldn't have told you that.
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