Car Toons Vol.1

If you are children of the Eighties and Nineties, we are sure that tv cartoons occupied an important part of your (and our) days. We started early in the morning having breakfast in front of the TV before going to school, then moving on to those who kept us company in the early afternoon before starting to do our homework.Over the years, different productions have become a real cult for entire generations, especially some Anime from the Sol Levane that don’t need any kind of presentations. An all-Italian trend, those colorful cartoons landed from Japan, which narrated the exploits of mythical and sometimes bizarre characters, warriors and sportsmen, with a heterogeneous mix of centuries-old traditions and quotes often closer to our culture than we could have expected.
This happened thanks to a key element of our culture, the car, an icon often relegated to the background, overshadowed by the personality of the protagonists.Digging into the weaves of the most famous Anime we discovered that Italian cars, such as the legendary Fiat 500 were highly appreciated by their authors.
Since Cara Dolce Kyoko the car often appears in manga. Takaya Todoroki, protagonist of the Grand Prix and the Campionissimo, before driving a Ferrari, was behind the wheel of a Fiat 500. It appears, albeit in passing, also in Osamu Yamasaki’s Tokyo Revelation, and takes a leading role in Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama, one of the most famous manga (and anime) in history. Take a look at this: Goku is traveling aboard her flaming red 500 given to her by Yanko.
From one colossal to the next, the TV broadcast another symbol of Japanese animation, Lupine III, the gentleman thief and grandson of the protagonist of Maurice Leblanc’s novels, created by Monkey Punch.
Skilled thief and reckless driver, we often see him driving a yellow Fiat 500 in his raids alongside the inseparable Jigen, inveterate smoker and Goemon, the ninja warrior with the addiction of theft. Thus, the legendary yellow 500, co-star of a thousand adventures, has become an absolute protagonist over the time, becoming a real must have.Even today, to celebrate the return of the gentleman thief in theaters with the film “Lupine III – The first” released in February, Abarth participated in the premiere at the Space Odeon cinema in Milan displaying a yellow 595 Turismo, alongside a Vintage Fiat 500.
Fiat 500, but not only. Do you remember City Hunter? The anime set in the Shinjuku district, the cool soul of Tokyo, which tells the adventures of the clumsy ‘part time’ agent Ryo Saeba, sees the cameo of another great 4 (x4) wheel icon that you should know well: a green Fiat Panda.
Did we forget something? Let us know, but do not worry, in the next episode we will go deeper.
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