Configure your 500 Jolly Icon-e

As we promised you, from today the mighty 500 Jolly Icon-e by Garage Italia is available on our online configurator.A virtual garage in all respects, designed to be an important commercial tool to support the customer, but also a new and interactive way to give everyone an authentic customization experience.The configurator is supported by most of the main browsers on the market, without the aid of external plug-ins and in the total absence of buffering.In addition to the iconic 500 Jolly, you can also customize the first restomod of the Datsun 240Z to your taste. Each car will be displayed in a dedicated virtual room, with a themed setting, consistent with the car’s character.Once the configuration process is over, the customer can submit his proposal to the sales department through a dedicated form. It is also possible to take a photo once the configuration is complete in order to save your creations.Try the configurator and post your customs on instagram tagging @garageitalia, we will repost the best ones!
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