DD: Citroën CX 25 GTI Turbo 2

MODELLO: Citroën CX 25 GTI Turbo 2ANNO: 1987COLORE: Black
When I made the appointment for this car, I felt right away that it would be a special detailing. Not only because from the first photos I received from the customer, it was clear that the car had never received a full detailing in 33 years, but also because the CX is a car that I love to death. Absolute icon of the 80’s, celebrated by one of the greatest geniuses of communication as Jean Paul Goude, who together with his muse Grace Jones created one of the most beautiful television commercials of all time.
So, because of the originality of this car, this DD-Detailing Diary will be different: I won’t bore you with brushes and brushes that have brought the leather of the seats back to its former glory, I won’t tell you how the bodywork, dulled by time and neglect, has returned to shine its panther black after three long days of polishing.
Nor will I talk at lenght you with tales of the aesthetic recovery of the entire passenger compartment, or how every single component has been restored in oil with a full, dense finish.
None of the above.
To tell you about the car and the success of its detailing will be Rosario Liberti aka @royale77, a great contemporary photographer – as well as a friend – who with his cinematic eye will tell you about surfaces, textures, making you feel the smell of leather restored with grease, in a collection of incredible and evocative images.
That’s All Folks!XOXO Marci
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