DD: Tuscan Blue Range Rover

MODEL: Range RoverYear: 1980COLOR: Tuscan BlueFull DetailingIn famiglia dal 1980! (uniproprietario)
Day 1The first day as always is dedicated to the car inspection and washing. For her I choose to washing without a pressure washer, all done by hand with a solution of 20% denatured and colloidal water. I am going to start with the door panels, roof then front and rear. The work is very methodical and precise. If the car is well maintained I just need to go and remove the defects typical of home washing, then clear the decontamination of the seals and cleaning the doors, with the doors open of course.At 6 o’clock pm the work is done. Now the car is ready to be polished.
Day 2The first day of polishing is dedicated to a careful taping (we must cover all the edges).The Range Rover is painted with a single layer typical of that period (and I notice immediately that there is no clearcoat!).I proceed with the first tests using various buffers and polishers of different sizes. After few attempts I decide to go for a slightly strong wool pad to remove both old sanding marks and a limescale contamination typical of a car wash not followed by a careful drying.The first day I am going to complete “just” the engine hood and its sides because the work is painstaking.See you tomorrow.
Day 3Now I know the surface better!I proceed with the solution found yesterday and I finish the sides, now the car begins to look beautiful and glossy: removing the widespread scratches the color regains depth. Today I was faster so I proceed even in the last hours of work to a finishing with a second sponge pad that refines the work and polishes further!
Day 4The day begins with an inspection of the work done. With a rested eye I spot some small defects that I missed yesterday. They must be immediately corrected, unfortunately (or fortunately) the work of the Detailer is made of continuous checks to ensure maximum correction of the imperfections.In the meantime today I finish polishing the back, then I proceed with the waxing.I am happy because the car is coming back as new.
Day 5I start the day with a double coffee, give it to me!Today’s work is dedicated to interiors and super finish exterior.I start with the interiors, away the carpets and I turn on the vacuum cleaner, work of soft brush with which I vacuum meticulously for at least 30 minutes. From the seats to the bottom, passing through the panels. And finally the trunk.I will wash the carpets later with an antibacterial detergent.
After the suction work, I will prepare a solution of lukewarm water and very little surfactant of vegetable origin, they are plastics that have extinguished 40 candles, so they are veeery delicate, the use of aggressive chemical agents is not allowed (take note, please!).I proceed to the smallest component using a well squeezed wet microfiber and my inseparable spatula.
After cleaning the surfaces I notice that the plastics are very discolored, which is quite normal after the age of 30, when begins a process of pulverization of the outer layer. I then decide to proceed with a conservative restoration with the application of a synthetic grease and heat fixation.The result is simply AMAZING!Glasses, last layer of wax, tire dressing and the car is ready!XOXO Marci
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