Duetto Spider Icon-e

“When you think of the Italian car it is easy to stop in the sixties. Yet in the 1980s we produced crazy things, which we are only reevaluating today. The fourth series Spider is a less complex starting point than the first two and better than the third ”. Carlo Borromeo, director of Garage Italia’s style center. The renders that we reveal are a reflection to begin to probe the ground and clarify our ideas, giving continuity to our project related to the Italian car. After the 500 Jolly and the Panda 4 × 4, will the next Icon-e be an Alfa Romeo Spider?
 And if you are wondering why the car was designed in this metallic acid green guise, here you are served: “If we can make it beautiful with that color, with the easy ones it can only improve”, explains Carlo Borromeo, director of our style center. This particular color was chosen because we like it and we enjoy it: looking at the interior, you can see a wooden pattern created by Ettore Sottsass of Studio Memphis, produced by Alpi, which you can also find on the tables of our cocktail bar.At the moment, that of the Duet is only an idea, but it could take shape and become a concrete hypothesis in the coming months. It could be the beginning of a series of proposals that could also take us out of Italy, stay glued to our social networks to find out more.
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