Fat Car di Erwin Wurm

Erwin Wurm, one of Austria’s most prominent and internationally renowned sculptors, has always been concerned with expanding the concept of sculpture with the bizarre works he has created throughout his career.Wurm typically takes a mundane everyday object as the subject of his work and radicalizes it through a form of visual distortion, and the Fat Cars series is a perfect example.
In the series titled Fat Cars, Wurm has created numerous bloated, fat, life-size sculptures that protrude like overfilled bags, attempting to create the appearance of fatness and obesity.Taking the issue of obesity, the artist probes the link between power, wealth and body weight. He wants to offer an edgy critique of our current value system, as the world of advertising asks us to stay thin but consume more and more.
Wurm coats a real car in plastic and inserts an additional layer of polyester, so changing a shape that is very familiar to us by exaggerating its volume. This means that the car – the classic symbol of mobility and status – loses its natural proportions, its shape and even its functionality. It not only becomes ‘fat’ but is also transformed from a hard metal object of utility into something visually soft and quite surreal. The vehicle is no longer mobile but it seems to be melting away.
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