Fiat Panda Italia ‘90

The Italy that is going to host the 1990 World Cup is a country full of strength, prosperity and optimism. The radio passes loads of times a day a song that will become the true anthem of that tournament and of that unforgettable summer: “Un’estate Italiana”, by the duo Bennato – Nannini and composed by Giorgio Moroder is the absolute protagonist of those magical nights that we still remember after thirty years. Today, on the thirtieth anniversary of Italia ‘90, the sixtieth edition of the European championships should have been played, which curiously would have started from Rome, which would have hosted the inaugural match. We said “would have”, because the pandemic then shuffled the cards a bit and it will go to next year.
But in all this birthdays tourbillon, another very curious anniversary pops up: the 40th birthday of the Fiat Panda, one of the protagonists of our Icon-e project. The same Fiat Panda which, coincidentally, was also the car symbol of the 1990s World Cup! Coincidences? We believe not.The Panda Italia ’90 is one of the limited series that remained most impressed in the memories of us Italians, with a serious livery in chalk white furrowed by the inevitable beauty line, for the occasion in green-white-red, and on the rear upright Ciao, which even trying to be parochialists we think that it is one of the cringest mascots in the World Cup’s history, but never mind. The sobriety of the livery is counterbalanced by circles never seen before, which reproduce a soccer ball with black and white hexagons.
The mask is also in body color, marked with the tricolor shield.The interiors and panels bear a vivid blue, almost tending to turquoise and the mascot embroidered on the back of the seats. Oh, even the needle-punched carpet is blue, for the sake of purists.
Giancarlo Marocchi, ex Juve today in force at Sky as a commentator, showed up on one of these during an episode of the summer TV show “Calciomercato”, revealing that after the world championship the cars were withdrawn, then Fiat decided to give 25 to the Juventus players, personalized with their respective names, the others seem to be scattered around the world.
Our mates from Classic Football Shirts , who left the Netherlands heading to Manchester on board of their Panda Italia ’90 (basic version), can weigh in on it. Enjoy the highlights of their road trip here.
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