Christmas is coming and gift fever is on fire. We are watching you right now, your desire to get out with freeze and wait for your turn outside the stores is less than zero, the hunt for the perfect gift seems seriously compromised. Hold on everyone, nothing is lost. We thought we’d make it easier for you by suggesting a short selection of the most interesting publications that we are sure that will make your car-enthusiast friends happy.

Mezzi Fontanesi – by Fontanesi

Fontanesi is a phenomenon born on Instagram and social media is still his natural habitat, where the artist has received his consecration, but not only.
Mezzi Fontanesi is the paper collection of his surreal artwork themed transportation, if you do not know him yet, go read the post on our Hub. From Fontanesi’s mind come wonderful utopias such as broken and reassembled Pandinis, open hoods that look like giant gaping mouths, mythological figures such as Fiat 500 Scooters, vintage cars with built-in garden slides (what a dream!), handlebar vans, fruit boxes with wheels, XXXL luggage racks, and a thousand other visual oxymorons on two and four wheels.The book, edited by Michele Galluzzo was printed in a limited number of copies, if you’re lucky you can still find one >>> here.

CAR GUYS – The Culture of Owning a Classic Car – by Fabrizio D’Aloisio

“What is life like with your classic car? How do others react to it? And what made you decide to buy it?”
These are generally questions that intrigue classic car lovers of all types: In CAR GUYS by Fabrizio D’Aloisio, Author, Creative Director and friend of Garage Italia but primarily devourer of Car Culture, you will find the answers to these and other questions. Thirty black and white photographic stories and interviews with owners of classic cars from St. Moritz to Capri passing through Montecarlo. CAR GUYS is a book by people who love cars made for people who love cars, an inspiration for all those who already own a classic car or for those about to realize this dream.

Pyromaniac’s Manual – by Ada Zielińska

An unusual and in some ways controversial reading, but undoubtedly different, curious and interesting.“People have different needs. Mine is to light a fire.”
The Handbook tells a story about the artist’s drive for destruction. Ada Zielińska, a young Polish artist, plays with the voyeuristic nature of a digital viewer, who wants to be inside the situation, sitting in the front row, as long as the virtual guarantees him total safety.Pyromania is an impulsive behavior disorder, in which the individual struggles with an uncontrolled need to light a fire. Although pyromania is a true disorder, when captured in a photograph it is stripped of what is frightening: lack of control. Through the clash between these two tendencies – pyromania on the one hand, and voyeurism on the other, the artist has managed to create a specific relationship with the viewer.The observation of destruction becomes therapeutic for the artist and, appropriately filtered through social media, entertainment for the viewer.


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