Garage Italia is on Discord

Listen up because we have important news for you: the Garage Italia Discord server is online.What is Discord? A free communication app that allows you to use voice, text and video chat to communicate with groups of people. Started as a platform for dialogue between communities of gamers, today it can count on hundreds of millions of active and growing users, capturing the attention of a young and a digitally native audience. There are plenty of servers - the name by which the app defines user groups - dedicated to discussion on topics related to Web3, crypto art and tech innovation.
Once you have joined the platform and verified your profile by following the steps outlined in the "Welcome" channel, move your first steps into the server by introducing yourself in the appropriate "Introduce-yourself " channel and share your thoughts with the Community within the "Chat-general " channel. If cars are your passion, enter the "Garage Italia Customs " section, if you are a creator or tech-guy "Studio and Web3" is the right place to be. Our aim is to merge the two souls of our fanbase into one community, feeding the dialogue between custom lovers and new users passionate about NFT, collectibles and Crypto. Automotive culture and new digital trends finally together also thanks to the precious contribution of, an exclusive Italian marketplace of digital artworks, as well as one of the most promising Italian companies of the Web3 panorama.Join the community, access the server by clicking HERE.
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