Garage Italia Presenta Spider Duetto Hybrid

The most recent novelty at Garage Italia Customs originates from an iconic model of Italian motoring, the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto 4°series, which has undergone a full non-preservation restoration according to the tailor-made approach of the Creative Hub, capable of reinterpreting the Italian tradition with a timeless and future-oriented aesthetic.Garage Italia Customs thus confirms, once again, the claim "where imagination becomes reality": in fact, the project was conceived at the render level two years ago during the lockdown and took shape by applying concept-to-product creative experimentation to a 1992 Duetto 2000cc injection model.
Stylistically, the customization is developed in alliance with renowned partners who symbolize Made in Italy excellence: Poltrona Frau provided soft orange Frau luxury leather for the panelling and seats; the bodywork, lightened and rebadged, was repainted in collaboration with R-M in shades of teal and integrated at the bulkhead and rear bench level with a wood molding conceived and made by the masters of D-Tales; finally, the Hi-Fi audio system was designed ad hoc to guarantee a unique sound offering and make the driving experience even more engaging by the Sonus Faber team.The transformation is not only aesthetic. In fact, the overhaul of the car's components went as far as the hybridization of its powertrain, resulting in the new Hybrid version. The car is equipped with an exclusive K.E.R.S. powered by Newtron system with two complementary cycles of operation: during braking, the motogenerator acts as an alternator, transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy that is stored in lithium batteries; during acceleration, the latter releases the stored electrical charge that provides a power boost to the thermal powertrain.
Lapo Elkann, founder of Garage Italia Customs, says, "With the Duetto we continue our goal of giving new life to icons of the past. The Spider Duetto Hybrid project represents the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation that today cannot ignore the attention to the issue of environmental sustainability. Like the 500 and the Panda, the Duetto is part of the great Made in Italy automotive tradition and with this project we want to bring it back to the center of the Italian and international scene.""Garage Italia Customs embodies since its inception the concept of going beyond, through the ability to imagine and realize solutions that combine design and creativity with our unique and all-Italian touch. Spider Duetto Hybrid fully expresses this concept and fits perfectly into our narrative of the Italian imagination of the last 50 years, from the Romagna Riviera to the Roman turtleneck," says Sergio Esposito, CEO of Garage Italia Customs.The new Spider Duetto Hybrid by Garage Italia Customs will be on public display at Garage Italia Milano HQ from Thursday, June 9 to Sunday, June 12.
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