A full-fledged virtual garage, thought to be an important commercial tool to support the customization department, experimenting a new and interactive way to be even closer to the customer.A fast and performing configurator, developed through WebGL – acronym of Web Graphics Library – the equivalent of a library designed for 3D graphics on the web. A technology that allows the generation of 2D and 3D elements supported by most of the main browsers on the market, with no need to add external plug-ins and without any buffering.“Consistent with Garage Italia’s recent approach to blockchain technology and the creation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) dedicated to our custom cars, the goal of the hub is to keep working on a further development of automotive tokens to consolidate an audience segment such as Generation Z, which represents an increasingly large part of our online community.”Carola Novello, Project Manager
A beta version of the configurator is already online at including the first restomod of the Datsun 240z, which visitors can configure according to their taste. It will be followed by the Panda Integral-e and the famous 500 Jolly Icon-e signed by Garage Italia. Each car will be displayed in a dedicated virtual room, with a themed setting, consistent with the character of the car.Once the car’s configuration process has been completed, the customer will be able to forward his proposal to the sales department through a dedicated form.With this service, our regular customers or simple enthusiasts will be able to experiment with the configurator enjoying an authentic experience of customization, certainly different from the traditional one in presence, already offered by Garage Italia, but equally engaging and impressive.
“The everyday life experienced in the last year and a half has taught us more and more to be flexible, adapting to the dynamics of a rapidly changing context. This is why Garage Italia intends to continue experimenting with new forms of online communication and explore the opportunities that the metaverse will offer in the future.”Carolina Rossi, COOThe launch of the configurator adds a further step to the digital strategy that Garage Italia has implemented in the last year, distinguishing itself not only in the field of restomod with the Icon-e project, but also offering increasingly structured and consistent consulting and branding services, while maintaining its original vocation for the bespoke universe.
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