The garage of the most controversial rapper in the world

Kanye West (aka Ye) turns 46 and he can count on a really successful career. Winner of 24 Grammys, designer and all-around artist, the rapper is not facing a great moment for his image. Despite all of that he can still count on an enviable car selection which we’re going to explore today.
Mercedes SLR McLarenThe absolute sense of style that set Kanye apart is also shown in his car selection. Starting with the Mercedes SLR McLaren. Produced in Woking in 2003 before McLaren became an independent manufacturer the car was curated by Daimler who took inspiration from F1 to design the car. The aggressive shape hides a V8 5.4L engine with a 335 Km/h top speed and a 0-100 acceleration in 3.4 seconds.
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 FBG HermèsThe self proclaimed “Hermès of verses” couldn’t miss the chance to own the collaborative Veyron made by the french brand. Manufactured by Bugatti it is inspired by Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, a world renowned shopping road. The orange and black car has subtle branded details on both the wheels and the front grid. Hermès took part in the process by curating the leather interiors. The hood sports a V16 8.0 Quad turbo engine with a 405 Km/h top speed. What about the price? 1.3 million for a really unique car.
Custom Maybach 57In 2011 Kanye published the official video for “Otis”, a song with Jay-Z. The video starts with the two “destroying” a Maybach 57 worth 300.000 euros. The custom was made in 2 days by Hollywood’s finest SWE Auto Prep which turned the car into a Mad Max inspired vehicle. The car was then sold in 2012 and labeled as a modern art piece, unfortunately it only racked up 42.000 euros, only a fraction of its original value.
Lamborghini UrusKanye might be known for his sport cars but his SUV selection is just as interesting. In 2019 the rapper bought a Lamborghini Urus for his LA studio, wrapped the car in a cream color, worked on the leather interiors and… designed custom rims to make his Urus even classier.
Dartz Prombron Red Diamond EditionAlmost as controversial as him. The Dartz Prombron got his fame thanks to questionable vows on the production side which turned out to be not ethical. The SUV is fully bulletproof, has a tungsten exhaust, gold plated windows, white gold and ruby detailing in the interior. The Dartz Prombron is priced at 1 million which makes the car accessible to only a few people like Jay-Z and Kanye who owns two of them.
Aston Martin DBS V12If “Diamonds from Sierra Leone '' gives an idea on James Bond’s influence on Kanye the Aston Martin DBS confirms it. The car sports a 5.9 L engine which delivers a 0-100 acceleration in 4.3 seconds. For his DBS Kanye chose the rim from Casino Royale, a true gentleman’s choice.
SherpThe “car” who drew the most attention is Sherp. Sherp is a Ukraine military vehicle made to stand all grounds, water included. The structure allows the car to turn on itself and run over obstacles as big as 70 cm thanks to its indestructible wheels. Despite its top speed of 45 Km/h (6 Km/h in water) Ye loves Sherp, he owns 8 of them and he shown one in the McDonald’s Superbowl 2022 campaign.
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