In the Garage: Karlmann King

The Karlmann King costs 990,000 euros, for the record. Indeed, sorry, 990,000 euros in its basic and more “proletarian” version. 3,800,000 (three-million-eight hundred thousand-euro) if you opt for the more equipped model.Behind this vehicle is the Vercarmodel Saro, a company from Beinasco that is located in the province of Turin. The look is futuristic. The look is asymmetrical: three doors, two passenger sides and one driver side. More generally it looks like a tank that came out of Warhammer Space Marines. Or, more trivially, the Batmobile Tumbler. Under the hood we find a 420 HP Ford V10 6.7, inside instead, at the discretion of the buyer, gold or crocodile interiors. If you are curious to see it this weekend you can find it on the tip of our Spaceship! See you there!
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