IntOndo and Garage Italia at Milan Design Week

A marketplace with more than 25,000 art objects, connecting sellers and buyers from all over Italy. A "vintage" selection, because it only includes pieces of excellent vintage, created with fine materials and shaped with craftsmanship. IntOndo selects unique and original furniture, chairs, lamps and decorative objects: we give light to many hidden treasures to bring personality to your environments while respecting our planet.IntOndo believes in the circular economy inspired by nature, where nothing at the end of its life cycle creates waste. Re-use, restore and make valuable objects flourish again in a contemporary way is our philosophy.Re-use and upcycling, the same principles that inspired the project from which our 500 Spiaggina was born.With Icon-e, in fact, we wanted to give a second life to cars that have made history. The restomod phenomenon goes green through the electric redevelopment and complete restoration of original cars otherwise destined to disappear from the roads.The unity of purpose between intOndo and Garage Italia immediately translated into a beautiful initiative during Milan Design Week: intOndo's 500 years of design paraded through Milan on board our 500 electric Spiaggina. What better way to bring the past into our future with style?
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