Italians do it battery

Italians do it better: this is what Madonna states for the first time wearing the tee with the famous "Italians Do It Better" sign on the set of "Papa Don't Preach," voted best video in the world at the 1987 World Video Music Awards. This video represents a real revolution in the style of the singer, who proudly claims her Italian origins, and a provocation, like the song, which resonates as a hymn to life.
Revolution, provocation and italian heritage, which are also the keywords of ICON-E, Garage Italia Customs’ project that gives a second life to the most iconic cars in history by transforming them into electric vehicles. Since 2019, ICON-E stands for timeless style and new technologies, integrated in a functional and discreet way.
Just as the hymn to life claimed by Madonna, Garage Italia Customs claims a second life for unforgettable icons such as Spiaggina, Panda 4x4 and Vespa 50 with cries of "Italians Do It Battery". The campaign celebrates in Garage Italia Customs' irreverent and ironic way the fourth year of the ICON-E project with a dedicated capsule collection that includes t-shirt, sweatshirt, coffee mug, keychain and stickers available on our e-shop.
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