Care, patience, and attention to details are the necessary prerequisites to be a professional car detailer.When we focus on surface care, the first imperative to safeguard your car’s beauty is cleanliness, and this has to be done with the utmost caution.We always suggest starting from the simplest actions. Take, for example, drying, for which you only really need a soft microfiber cloth, or for the treatment of the leather interiors, that needs to be performed by a foam cleanser.These few simple steps are sufficient to completely change the look of your car, more so than the reckless use of waxes, polishes and other treatments.For this reason, together with our resident detailer Marcello Mereu, we created the Kit for Lovers,which consists in a pondered selection of cleaning agents, coming from the best companies in the industry, all products specifically tested and used by me first and foremost in the preparation of any detailing.
The kit includes:Two microfibre clothes by The Rag Company, a larger one for your car’s bodywork, also perfect on windows and mirrors, and a laser-cut smaller one that prevents the scratches on screens, displays and all, for the daily cleaning of the interiors.W1 Quick Detailer by Innovacar, a quick and efficient all-purpose cleaner, to be used for the swift cleaning of both the internal and external areas of the automobile. X2 Fabrics & Leather, perfect on your car’s interiors.Detergent, brush and a viscose fabric, a true professional beauty treatment provided by Colourlock, that cleanse deeply and removes that greasy, oily patina typical of pigmented leather, it is also indicated for vinyl in classic, vintage cars.
These agents are easy to use, simple and produced in a manner that is harmless for both the environment and ourselves.You will learn to know them, using them every day, but don’t forget, the most efficient ingredients in car grooming are love, craft, time and passion for your car.
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