Marcello Mereu presented a book on Car Care

Foreword. Car Care, literally 'car care', is for everyone. The Car Detailer is the one who does it for a living, a manual job that requires both a careful study of the surfaces and materials to be treated, and continuous updating on techniques and technologies.
Marcello Mereu has built, for himself and for others, a new job, that of the Car Detailer, i.e. the professional who takes Car Care to a higher level never approached before.
Marcello has succeeded in getting a lot of people passionate about his new job, who previously relegated the cleaning of their cars to a weekend time-out, 'delegating' the practice to the mechanical work of brushes, rollers and coin-operated car washes. Under Marcello's skilful hands, dream cars have passed (and still do), from the latest generation of hypercars to true rarities from the last century.
The recipe, he says, is very simple: head, heart, elbow grease. Less chemistry, more 'physics', we have heard him repeat at least a thousand times. Things you can't buy in the supermarket, nor can you find on Amazon.
We who have had the good fortune to work with Marcello every day, admiring his gestures and deeds, know well how much commitment and dedication is required to take care of a car. That's why over the years, together with him we have filled you with advice (do you remember the Garage Tricks and Maserati Tricks?), also providing you the tools to make your dear car shine with a line of products designed and created with Marcello himself (if you are lucky enough you can still find something left in our shop online!).
Today Marcello presents his first book: Car Care, Manuale per la cura dell'auto.
A compact book, practical in format, to read and keep in your car in the glove compartment, to have the right advice always at hand and take care of your car, preserving it over time.
The book is available both on the giorgionadaeditore website and in the best Mondadori and Feltrinelli bookshops. Our advice is, of course, to get your copy as soon as possible, because there’s nothing better than taking care of your car independently and consciously.
Happy Car Care to all!
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