Maserati Fuoriserie Tricks - Vano Motore

Do you remember when our resident detailer @marcellomereu revealed some of his tricks in Garage Tricks, the series created in collaboration with In the 5 episodes we showed you through the voice and gestures of Marcello – car detailer who takes care of the rarest and most precious cars in circulation – how simple and fun it is to take care of your car. Well, what if we told you that thanks to @maserati_fuoriserie we got carried away by the faith of Modena, creating for you a second series of Tricks dedicated entirely to the most iconic models of the prestigious house of the trident? There, we’re telling you, we did it. Just a few days before the birthday of the Maserati customization program, officially inaugurated on September 9, 2020 on the occasion of Maserati Day together with the presentation of the MC20, it seemed more than fair to celebrate the occasion with the first of three episodes, each one richer than the last. The star of the first episode is the Maserati Pop par excellence, the Biturbo. Out now, don’t miss it!
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