Maserati FuoriSerie Unica

UNICA is for those who live the present, interpreters and protagonists of the latest trends in fashion, art and culture. For those who love to seize the moment, who live by “carpe diem”. The inspiration derives from astute observation of the year’s cultural, material and colour fashions.The dominant features in this collection are the body colours, which pinpoint the very latest colours, interpreting the season’s trends; they also include the Colour of the Year.
The colours of the new wheel finishes add a luxurious touch with unusual two-tone combinations and treatments inspired by metals (copper, gold and platinum).
The interior options are extended with new leather shades, inspired by Color of the Year 2020 PANTONE (Classic blue) e Color Evolution S/S 2021 Oxy Fire Coral.As cultural trend flagship, the collection also introduces more graphic, communicative liveries, which can also be customised, including the NOW monogram, which links the Maserati brand with the urge to live the present moment to the full.
Quattroporte Trofeo UNICA.Unica is a collection that interprets the trends of the moment. The creative concept is based on the idea of a pure colour containing all colours within it, and the result is a rainbow effect. It is achieved by combining pure white with a rainbow mica which reflects the entire colour spectrum depending on the angle from which it is viewed. In reflected light, a monogram of the word NOW can be seen within the paintwork, with a part of the Maserati Trident substituting for the letter W. NOW urges us to live in the moment, and celebrates the positive spirit of a fresh start, which for Maserati also includes this new customisation programme for its cars. Inside the cabin, the colour scheme is divided between a white part and a part in a turquoise shade, Artificial Intelligence Aqua, Colour of the Year 2021. The NOW monograms project beams of light through the windows, creating shadows that lengthen or shorten depending on the time of day and underlining the message of a moment to be embraced and lived intensely. The rainbow effect also recurs inside the cabin, in the roof lining, which resembles a multicoloured cloud. Another distinctive feature is the Italian flag added to the Trident on the steering wheel.
The wheels also introduce a positive, contrasting colour effect with an unusual, pastel two-tone finish in white and Living Coral, the colour detail also used on the brake calipers and highlights.The look is completed by the steering wheel in Alcantara and turquoise leather Frau with NOW laser monogram, the dashboard and the tunnel with glossy blue mirror finish, Alcantara trunk and long pile carpets, Alcantara cieling with holographic print and Alcantara pillars always white but with no print.
The contents of the FUORISERIE® programme are immediately available to order on the current range of Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte, with the MC20 supercar to follow. The FUORISERIE® collections will be enriched and renewed over time, and during the next few months the programme will be made even more special with the addition of the “Car Tailoring” level, when the new, dedicated “Nuove Officine Maserati” space opens within the historic Modena plant.
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