May the fourth be with you

A few years ago, on the occasion of the release in European cinemas of the seventh episode of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we made two special 500s together with Fiat inspired by the drones of the film and renamed BB-8 and R2-D2, accompanied by the 500e Stormtrooper presented at the Los Angeles Motor Show.Twelve cars identical to the Fiat 500e Stormtrooper were presented at the film’s premiere in Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Turkey. The invasion of the 500th Stormtrooper was joined by the world premiere presentation of two new models dedicated to the drones protagonists of the film, R2-D2 and BB-8, for projection in Switzerland.
In addition to the wrapping kit useful to faithfully replicate the original painted livery of the 500e Stormtrooper, the particularity of the two new looks inspired by the two drones of the film is precisely that of having characterized the exterior of the cars with a “damage” effect, obtained thanks to a special innovative airbrushing technique and a final matte finish in 3D relief.
The two cars, the BB-8 and the R2-D2, have a particular film with a micro-perforated structure that allows you to see through the painting as if it did not exist. The BB-8 has a livery that also continues on the glass, films with special “one-way” films, while the R2-D2 has a 100% blackout film and “one-way” film on the panoramic roof.
The interior of the two one-offs takes up the look of the 500e Stormtrooper, with seats covered in Foglizzo and Alcantara leather whose colors resume the external livery: white, gray and orange for the BB-8 and white and blue for the R2-D2 . Contrast stitching and embroidered logos on the headrest and steering wheel. The dashboard, completely airbrushed by hand with the “damage” effect of the external bodywork, reproduces the wear of the armor of the two drones. The Alcantara covers the interior sky, Foglizzo leather covers the dashboard and dashboard with the embroidered Star Wars: The Force Awakens logo on the passenger side.
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