Michael Jordan and his cars

The last two episodes closed beautifully ”The Last Dance”, Netflix’s docuseries on basketball star Michael Jordan, running through the highlights of his amazing career but also the hardest moments of his life off the court.You’ll all know about his passion for cars. What you may not know is that Sir Airness has often taken inspiration from his fleet of cars to conceive the design of some Jordan.
His passion for la Rossa from Maranello is clearly reflected in the shapes and colorways of the Jordan XIV, in which also appears a stylized yellow badge with the icon of the Jumpman taking the place of the prancing horse.
Porsche Chapter: With Jordan VI at his feet Michael won his first title in 1991, getting rid of the Lakers with a dry 4-1 in the series.You know the model? Take a good look at it, because it seems that MJ bothered Tinker Hatfield in person to ask him to transfer the design of the 964 Turbo to that silhouette.The oversized tongue and spoiler-like rear end are reminiscent of the German sports car.
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