Mike Tyson and cars

On the November 22th 1986 – the day the United States remember the murder of President Kennedy, killed in Dallas 23 years earlier – a young Mike, in his early twenties, meets in Las Vegas a certain Trevor Berbick, the one who he had defeated Mohammed Ali and had made him retired forever. How did it end? Practice archived in less than two rounds and Tyson graduated World Champion, the youngest in the category. From then on, victories only.
After each win, Mike goes to a Manhattan dealer and takes a supercar home. He starts with Cadillacs. First an Eldorado and then a Seville. And he’s barely twenty y/o! He’s got a thing for the Rolls, but his manager convinces him to wait for one more year. Mike takes it literally: On June 30th, 1987 he bought a Blue Rolls Royce Silver Spur, paid strictly cash ($ 119,500).When he beats Tucker he gives himself a convertible Rolls Royce Corniche. When he changes manager in 1988 – and takes Don King, the one who invented the boxing show with Mohammed Ali’matches, – he brings him a Rolls Royce Stretch Limousine as a gift.
The 1989 is the year of the Mercedes, celebrating his first victory in the ring against the gigantic Frank Bruno giving himself an SL 560. The second time is the turn of an F50, the first Red to join Mike’s Garage.And then a 456 GT Spyder, made especially for him by the Straman Company of Costa Mesa.
Consider that the only one car that came out of Maranello, has been specially made for the sultan of Brunei. In the middle of so many other victories, one day Tyson decided to go out with one of the many red crashing it against a store window. The police arrive to pick him up shortly thereafter: “My favorite arrest,” said the former champion few years later.Towards the end of the ‘90s, after the match against Holyfield, a Bentley Continental (special edition of only 73, 500k $ each), a Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster and finally a Jaguar XJ 220. The boxing farewell is dated 2005, but Iron Mike does not stop to make them talk.
Just a few weeks ago Tyson peeks out on social media to announce that he will be back fighting at the age of 53. This time (the last one?) it will be exclusively for charity and only, it seems, for a few rounds. One thing is clear: his body does not seem to be affected by the years. Even the opponent should already be decided: already, Evander Holyfield, the sworn enemy.At least on the cars’ front, Mike should have put aside the excesses of youth: now he only drives a Jaguar.
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