Missing 500 Jolly Icon-e TOP 10

Finally all our Jolly 500 were located and returned to base. And this only thanks to your invaluable help!To avoid any misunderstanding it is good to clarify that no 500 has ever disappeared from Garage nor was mistreated during the “return operations”.It was all a staging to let you play with us and show us all your creativity, and you really put a lot of it into it. We have received over 100 of your “reports” and as promised the best took part in a contest made of frontal collisions at the last click and unannounced polls, because we like it that way. We would be rhetoric in saying that you have all won, and in fact we will not say it.
The winner of the contest is Valeria , who has beaten the fiercest competition with an exceptional cover of Mickey Mouse. Via the iconic 313, and Donald Duck finds himself driving a silent 500 Jolly Icon-e.
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