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Today we are constantly witnessing projects in which the contamination between the universes of art and the car is increasingly a key factor.
Porsche 930 Turbo and\ Daniel ArshamToday we are constantly witnessing projects in which the contamination between the universes of art and the car is increasingly a key factor. This is the case of the 1986 Porsche 930 Turbo reinterpreted by Daniel Arsham, a multifaceted American artist with a real passion for the Stuttgart house. Daniel says that since childhood he loved to draw everything that was shoes, cameras and … Porsche!This is not the first time that the artist collaborates with the German OEM: last April he presented his first work of art: a 911 transformed into a monolithic sculpture on a 1:1 scale eroded in several parts of the bodywork, destined to enrich his Future Relic strand which also includes a reproduction of the NY metro card, several Pokemon and the Brillo Box of Warholiana memory.
This time it’s Porsche’s glorious racing heritage to inspire him, this year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first victory at Le Mans.In 930A, Arsham envisioned the Porsche racing team of the future, drawing inspiration in design from Dick Barbour’s 935 K3 that raced Le Mans 1980, with inspiration from other cars of the same era.Every detail tells a piece of the artist’s Porsche past, who, in order to succeed in its intent, has assigned to several experts a part of the project, starting from the lines of the livery, hand painted by David Gwyther aka Death Spray Custom (Dsc), a hymn to the 70-80s racing aesthetic, coherently resumed in the style of the applied logos that clearly have nothing to do with the 70-80s decade, but are the partners with whom Arsham has worked until today. An original way to celebrate the artist’s career and to thank those who have contributed over the years to his rise.
The rims are a tribute to the ones of the Porsche Rsr; designed and made especially by Matt Crooke of Fifteen 52 and embellished with the monogram of Arsham Studio.The coolest thing in the interior are the materials, but the layout does not change. In the cockpit the contrasts between ivory and navy blue leather in the door panels work very well, also on the instrument panel steering wheel, always by Dsc. And that’s not all, because Arsham is not only concerned with aesthetics, but also with a series of technical improvements in terms of engine and transmission (completely modified) thanks to the know-how of our mate Ted Gushue of Type7.The 930A is surely one of the most successful contemporary car-artistic declinations, as Porsche is not only a car factory, but a group of engineers, creatives, designers animated by a passion for innovation and progress, without forgetting the aesthetic side.
Mercedes Classe G e Virgil AblohWe are not leaving Stuttgart for one of the most awaited collaborations of 2020: the one between Mercedes and Virgil Abloh that gave birth to a one off on a G-Class basis that, as it was easy to predict, made a lot of discussion: praised by the very young followers of the Rockford designer, blamed by purists.
The presentation of Project Geländewagen, which took place entirely digitally, represents the perfect fusion of fashion, art and automotive culture. The clean exterior lines immediately bring out the silhouette of the car.The bodywork has been deliberately expanded and the trim has been lowered to celebrate and almost accentuate the car’s volumes and some of its imperfections in a caricatured way, making it an unparalleled icon.The welds are clearly visible and are almost emphasized, the oversized tires, just see the spare wheel on the rear. The interior is a eulogy to minimalism, algid, hyper-technological with obvious references to the racing universe. The dashboard has been eliminated and the instrument panel remains analog, creating a nice contrast with the futuristic mood of the interior.
We were talking about elements from the world of racing: in a blaze of white stand out the turquoise of the rollcage and the fluorescent red of the details on the instrument panel and the five-point seat belts. Ah, the small fire extinguisher, positioned between the two front seats is the icing on the cake.
With Project Geländewagen, Abloh and Gorden Wagener, Mercedes-Benz’s Chief Design Officer, intend to overturn the current perception of luxury. The result of the fusion of two diametrically opposed design philosophies is a middle ground between the present and the future, which finds its common denominator in the G-Class.The output, whether you like it or not, is a very personal and contemporary interpretation of the glorious German SUV. What do you think about it?
Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo UNICAUnica is the cluster of FuoriSerie that interprets the trends of the moment. The creative concept has born thanks to the work of the Centro Stile Maserati e Garage Italia, based on the idea of a pure color containing all colours within it, and the result is a rainbow effect. It is achieved by combining pure white with a rainbow mica which reflects the entire colour spectrum depending on the angle from which it is viewed. In reflected light, a monogram of the word NOW can be seen within the paintwork, with a part of the Maserati Trident substituting for the letter W. NOW urges us to live in the moment, and celebrates the positive spirit of a fresh start, which for Maserati also includes this new customisation programme for its cars. Inside the cabin, the colour scheme is divided between a white part and a part in a turquoise shade, Artificial Intelligence Aqua, Colour of the Year 2021. The NOW monograms project beams of light through the windows, creating shadows that lengthen or shorten depending on the time of day and underlining the message of a moment to be embraced and lived intensely. The rainbow effect also recurs inside the cabin, in the roof lining, which resembles a multicoloured cloud. Another distinctive feature is the Italian flag added to the Trident on the steering wheel.The wheels also introduce a positive, contrasting colour effect with an unusual, pastel two-tone finish in white and Living Coral, the colour detail also used on the brake calipers and highlights.
The look is completed by the steering wheel in Alcantara and turquoise leather Frau with NOW laser monogram, the dashboard and the tunnel with glossy blue mirror finish, Alcantara trunk and long pile carpets, Alcantara cieling with holographic print and Alcantara pillars always white but with no print.Ok that’s all, tell us which is your favorite one!
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