OUT OF GARAGE - Davide De Martis

#OutOfGarage, a section promoting through shots, the beauty of the urban area, roads, design and everything that revolves around cars.
Today with @defuntis who tells us his story:
I shoot cars like wild animals in their habitat, and treat them with all the respect they deserve. Most of my car portraiture is of vintage cars: vehicles that made history in their own times, and are still unique specimens of design. I usually take photographs of every little detail that the car stylist penned. Sometimes it takes a long time before I start to shoot an automotive icon. I have to lose myself in the design, to admire every angle of it; and I always try to emphasize it with great, natural light. That’s my way of showing respect for the team of people who created such a work of art.

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Credits: Davide De Martis
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