Jason Momoa's car collection

Actor and model of Hawaiian origins, Jason Momoa is one of the most famous sex symbols of recent years. After winning the title of Hawaiian model of the year in 1999, he was noticed by the production of "Baywatch" who strongly wanted him in the cast. From then on a series of successes, first on television ("North Shore", "Stargate Atlantis", "Game of Thrones") then on the silver screen ("Conan the Barbarian", "Aquaman", "Dune" and finally the last episode of the Fast and Furious saga: "Fast X").Surfer, animal lover, rugby fan, but also car collector: in his garage we find several goodies, and some of them are related to very interesting anecdotes. Let’s find out together.
1 Land Rover Defender 110A classic "big car": 5 meters long by 2 wide (excluding mirrors). It goes without saying that driving this car needs a high dose of caution and skills. Literally wasted for a city-car use, the Land Rover Defender 110 is at its best off-road, although due to the weight, better not to go too fast.In short, when you drive a car of this caliber you can not fail to quote a saying now in common use: "power is nothing without control".
2 Land Rover Defender Series 3This car is the protagonist of a curious anecdote: it seems that in 2014, in the midst of the economic crisis, Jason sold his Land Rover Defender Series 3 (which, on balance, should be his first car bought) to get it back of it a very short time later, once the money was recovered after the engagement in a film.Produced between 1971 and 1990, this car is the natural evolution of the Defender, presenting a synchronized gearbox, a more powerful braking system and an increased clutch. Four-speed manual gearbox and top speed of 68 hp: a real gem that stands out in the Momoa collection.
3 Earth Roamer XV-LTiAfter the divorce with actress Lisa Bonnet in 2022, some rumors have claimed that Jason Momoa has moved inside his giant EarthRoamer XV-LTi, worth 660,000 euros.There are no confirmations of this: it is true, however, that this "four-wheeled monster" has often been proudly shown by the actor, just think that he came at the preview of "Aquaman" in 2018 right on board this camper.Momoa's Earth Roamer was handcrafted in Colorado from the chassis of a Ford F-550. Momoa has had it customized in every aspect: inside the camper is furnished with brown alder furniture and different appliances, which can be powered thanks to an 11 kWh lithium-ion battery and solar panels placed on the 1,320 W roof.
4 Range RoverAnd when Jason Momoa has to leave home to shop with his family, what car does he use? Definitely this: a "simple" white Range Rover. Less flashy than those mentioned so far, it is actually a very powerful car, powered by a 4.4-liter biturbo engine for 523 hp and a six-speed automatic transmission.The average price of this Range Rover is around $ 100,000.
5 Aston Martin DBSIt is the car driven by Sean Connery/James Bond in "Agent 007- Goldfinger Mission". This is an evolution of the latest versions of the DB4, wanted by Aston Martin to renew the model and created in collaboration with Touring car manufacturers.As with previous versions, the engine is powered by 3 carburetors that produce a power of 282 hp bringing the car to a top speed of 240km/h.An example of elegance and, of course, longevity: just think of the fact that from 1995 onwards it has become the official car of every James Bond’s movie.
6 Pink CadillacThe real gem of Jason Momoa's garage is certainly "Bernadette", a "dirty pink" Cadillac that the actor has owned for more than 15 years and to which he allocates a particular treatment: it is called by the actor "my child" and only Momoa's trusted mechanic can take care of it, as if he were a specialized doctor.Although the color is not for everyone, in reality pink well testifies to the extreme versatility of Jason Momoa. It also seems that to inspire him for the purchase was the great Elvis Presley, a great lover of Pink Cadillacs.
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