OUT OF GARAGE – Amaury Laparra

#OutOfGarage, a section promoting through shots, the beauty of the urban area, roads, design and everything that revolves around cars. Today with @amaurylaparra who tells us his story.
To me, the car has a true meaning in a travel situation, while the car is being used in a remote environment, properly driven during hours and days. Whatever the car, I feel that it is the experience you make of it that is important. And at night, it adds a whole new experience to it.
This is in this kind of almost intimate period of time I like to photograph them, when everything looks and feels better. Often alone on the road, you have this singular feeling of calmness and quiet life. All of your senses are out and you appreciate the subtle variations of light, from very dark to the blue hour at dawn, after a night of driving. I like to call these “moments”. Moments that can picture the atmosphere you’re in, moments that can emphasize the car presence and design, moments that feel absolutely unique at this exact second. All these precious but how simple instants of life that encourage me each day to prepare new trips.

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Credits:Amaury Laparra
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